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Another Chance to Fly

peregrine falcon

Thanks to your support, quality care and a new surgical technique, this peregrine falcon has a chance to once again set to the sky.

Your legacy of compassion makes incredible recoveries possible.

When an injured peregrine falcon arrived at Project Wildlife last October, it was thin and suffering from cactus spines in its mouth, wings and feet. Additionally, the bird’s feathers were broken and damaged, meaning that it would have difficulty flying again.

For months, Project Wildlife caregivers tended to the peregrine falcon, helping it recover from its injuries and grow strong. With your support, we helped it gain weight and heal from the injuries caused by the cactus spines. The bird was doing well—but thanks to your commitment to animals in need, our team was able to go even further to give this bird a second chance at flight.

With assistance from raptor expert Nichole Perretta, Project Wildlife performed an innovative procedure to restore the falcon’s feathers. This amazing procedure, called “imping,” carefully splices broken feathers back together, securing them with special glue. And it means that this peregrine falcon will have the chance to fly free again.

For more than seven months, your support has allowed us to stand by this peregrine falcon’s side, and this rehabilitative care continues today. Your generosity makes it possible for injured and orphaned wildlife to survive—and thrive—against all odds. Thank you for ensuring that the future is bright for thousands of wild animals who will need our help this year.

You can help animals thrive today and tomorrow by including us in your future plans. To learn more about supporting San Diego Humane Society with a planned gift, contact Joseph Passaretti at or 619-243-3443.

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