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Why We Give

Scoobert Doobert is Feeling Better

Scoobert Doobert

Caring for dogs with distemper is challenging and requires plenty of resources. We are able to save sick animals, like Scoobert Doobert, because of your support! See Scoobert Doobert’s story. Read More

Georgia’s Peachy Life


When Georgia came to San Diego Humane Society, she was in desperate need of care. Your support made that care possible so she could be adopted into a loving home. Read More

Eliza and Her Kittens


Named after the historical figures in the musical "Hamilton," Eliza and her kittens (Hamilton, Burr, Angelica and Peggy) came to San Diego Humane Society young, scrappy and hungry. After receiving the care they needed, thanks to friends like you, they've found loving, forever homes. Read More

Titan's Big Heart


Titan has two hearts—one on his back and one in his chest, both are large. See how your gifts helped him find his confidence and the home he deserved. Read More

Hope and Healing for Velma


At just 2 years old, Velma was hit by a car, suffering severe injuries. Thanks to you, Velma received the care she needed before finding her forever home. Read More

Ridley's Remarkable Recovery


Donor support makes lifesaving care a reality for animals like Ridley. Read about this special border collie and her recovery. Read More

Standing by Riley


Thanks to supporters like you, San Diego Humane Society's trainers and caregivers took Riley from distressed and fearful to happy and loving. Read More

A Dream Come True


Sick with a life-threatening illness, Dreamer was brought to San Diego Humane Society by a good Samaritan. See how your gifts helped us save her life and find her forever family. Read More

Another Chance to Fly


Last October, an injured peregrine falcon arrived at Project Wildlife. Today, he has another chance to fly thanks to the support of friends like you. Read More

A Remarkable Rescue


A poodle pulled from the ocean made a quick recovery, with patience and love from San Diego Humane Society staff, before finding a home with a wonderful new family. Read More

A Loving Home for Lady


When Lady received a diagnosis of Cushing's disease, the staff at San Diego Humane Society knew she would need a special home. Thanks to friends like you, Lady got her happy ending. Read More

Full of Love


Midnight received the care and support she needed at San Diego Humane Society. It's the generosity of donors that make the care of animals like Midnight possible. Read More

Worth the Wait


As one of 30 dogs rescued from a meat farm in South Korea, Archie had a long journey toward happiness, health and finding the home he deserves. Read More

A Second Chance for Stella


Every animal adoption is special — but when we see your generosity give a senior dog a second chance at a happy home, it’s especially meaningful. Read More

A Family Reunion


San Diego's scorching heat this summer has wreaked havoc for many residents, but none more so than a new group of residents to our Kitten Nursery. Earlier this summer, the Kitten Nursery received its largest litter of kittens when nine arrived without their mother. Read More

Home at Last


Lacey, a seven-year-old mixed breed dog, spent 720 days in at the San Diego Humane Society before she found a new family. While in our care, staff helped Lacey overcome her anxiety with meeting new people and enabled her loving personality to shine through. Read More

Providing a Safety Net of Care


Your support helps ensure that no matter what treatable medical condition an animal may have, they will receive the specialty care they need at San Diego Humane Society. Read More